basement construction london

Basement design ideas in London

A house without a basement in London makes no sense today. With such a limited space that the city already has and the natural need to always expand, it’s better to go deep than go wide. However, knowing the climate of the city, renovating a basement can be hard and expensive. Don’t worry though – we’ve got you covered. Here are some great basement design ideas to put into your London house and enjoy for many years ahead.

What should you remember about basement design?

Before we get into actual design ideas, we wanted to stress how important it is to plan out your space. Basements can be damp and dark and gloomy and you need to think about the build before you decorate it the right way. Find a team that will help you with putting proper ventilation, heating and lighting in, utilise the light wells and check thoroughly for any moisture before you start the design. It’s so easy to make the basement work if you have the foundations right. Now, to the ideas.

A spare bedroom and bathroom complex

That might seem like an obvious choice for some, but if you really miss a spare bedroom for your guests, this is the best idea you can get. A basement is usually associated with quite a gloomy vibe, but if you pick your colours right and focus on good lighting, you might get a perfect space for a good night sleep. We’ve seen some crazy projects on the market and we must say – white walls, light furniture, glass and mirrored elements plus good use of those small widows can make you feel like you’re not under the ground at all.

Games room/playroom

Many parents in London struggle to get their kids a proper playroom with plenty space for all the toys they need. It’s hard to keep them in their rooms as well during the day – kids need to play with parents in the room, which usually means that the nice and tidy living room will soon become the area for doll houses, Lego buildings and all that. How about creating the space in the basement? With safety in mind, you can make the perfect playroom downstairs, where kids will be free to play as much as they want with or without parental guide. You can also use it as your own games room and spend quality time with your kids while taking a break from work and blowing off some steam.

At-home gym

Gym equipment is not the most attractive piece of furniture. Leaving it in a living room, a bedroom or even a spare bedroom is not that nice and definitely ruins the whole design of the room. However, the basement won’t be the first thing everyone sees and you can make it into a real life gym with more than just a stepper in front of your TV. Get a set of barbells, a running track, a rowing machine – anything you need will fit and you can easily stay out of everybody’s sight when you work on your form.