Compare Electricity Gas Price Online

To find your cheapest energy provider click here, Get cheaper gas and electricity and compare electricity gas prices online, compare the gas price you pay your current gas supplier online with uSwitch or Money Supermarket. Even if you just wish to compare the gas prices of your current supplier or you wish to change gas supplier to the one with the best gas price, comparing is quick and easy.

Find a Greener Energy Supplier before it’s too late and save £££’s by changing your gas, electricity and telephone suppliers, or find the perfect digital TV package for you. See your annual savings and find out who your cheapest supplier for gas, electricity, dual fuel or telephone is by using our comprehensive and impartial energy calculator. Then sign up online in only a few minutes.

So how much can I save when I compare electricity gas online?

If you are currently receiving gas from the original supplier to your home, you should be able to save an average of £140 per year. And just because your new gas supply might be cheaper gas than before this does not mean that service standards will be any different. To find your cheapest energy provider click here.

Many of the current gas suppliers to your home are relatively new to the utilities market and although you may not have heard their name previously, you can be assured that they are covered under the same legislation as all UK Gas Suppliers.

How long does it take to compare prices of cheap gas and electricity suppliers?

Either online comparison service allows you to compare the prices of every UK supplier of gas to your home, searching through thousands of energy tariffs to find the very best gas price for home energy. You can select the cheapest, you may pick a mid range price, or you may choose a supplier you are familiar with. And remember the service is completely free. To find your cheapest energy provider click here.

How long will it take to change gas suppliers after comparing?

In terms of time to arrange the transfer this should take you about ten minutes using the free gas price comparison service. From there uSwitch or Money Supermarket writes to your existing supplier to place them under the statutory 28 days notice and in total including this notice period it should take between 28 and 42 days to change gas supplier so you can start savings money.

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