wine cellar

How much does it cost to build a wine cellar?

Building a wine cellar at your house might be a great idea, especially if it’s the wine that you most often reach for in the evenings. A good wine gets better as it gets older and it’s much more efficient to just go to your private cellar instead of popping out to the shop quite frequently. There are, however, some requirements that you have to meet to make the cellar work properly and it all sums up to quite a cost of making the space. How much does it cost to build a wine cellar and where you should do it?

A simple wine storage

The easiest and most common idea for an at-home wine cellar is simply buying a special fridge/cabinet which you can build-in to your kitchen counter and use as a simple, small storage for your bottles. It works if you drink wine occasionally but like having it within your reach at all times. Ready-made cabinets are usually around a few hundred to a few thousand pounds, they utilise temperature control and work best when fully stocked on wine. We’re all for it.

wine cellar

A basement wine room – a great idea for wine enthusiasts

A simple wine cabinet won’t usually work if you plan on building up your wine collection and letting it rest for quite some time. For that purpose people usually decide to build a wine room or cellar, with floor-to-ceiling custom-made shelving system to store all the bottles. It’s a perfect solution if you have a room to spare or, preferably, a basement that you’re not using properly. It carries so much potential and with wine, all you need to do is finish up the basement and get some storage. It’s already cool enough to handle heat in the summer and cold temperatures in the winter, which makes the project that much cheaper.
How much will it cost? It all depends on the project you choose and the features you’ll want to have in your wine cellar. If your space is already finished, even with basic plaster and paint on the walls, your costs will be limited to making the storage unit for the wine and some people have done it on their own with wood from the hardware store. If you don’t need anything fancy and literally looking for a good way to store your wine, putting up shelves on one of the basement walls and adjusting them to safely store wine will be enough and won’t cost more than a £1000. There are companies that specialise in that sort of projects, but their labour costs will be bigger and you might have to pay anything between £1000 and £10 000.

Most expensive wine cellars

People have a lot to say about how wine should be stored and if you’re really a wine enthusiast, you might want more than simple shelving system in your basement. Complete wine cellar projects, with temperature and humidity control, vibration protection and limited light access will be more expensive and depending on the size of the cellar, your needs and the company you hire, it may cost up to £100 000. We know it’s a lot but that just shows how much people are willing to pay for their custom, perfect at home wine storage. You don’t have to spend that much and most people are able to close the bill at around £1000 for a simple wine storage.