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How to easily arrange a conference room

Hosting clients, meeting with your team, preparing a presentation for your business partners – without a great and multi-functional conference room things might get difficult around the office space. Every company should have at least one meeting room at hand and be able to host conferences for 2, 5 or 20 people. One of the best ideas on how to arrange a conference room is to choose comfortable, but stackable chairs that can be easily stored away and pulled out only when necessary. How to easily arrange and prep a conference room for any occasion?

Choose the right conference chairs

The chairs are where everyone seats down to hear your presentation. For an hour or more, your guests are almost obligated to sit in the chair and listen or take an active part in the meeting, without disturbing others. Choosing the right type of conference chairs may play a big part in this scenario – if they’re not comfortable enough, people will be fidgeting; not sturdy enough and they may break. A good quality conference chair is not an easy find, but once you get them, you won’t regret the choice

At you’ll find a nice variety of conference chairs, with a more modern and designer look for the AREA and MARIQUITA chairs, as well as some simpler designs with the ARI model. Available in many colourways, they easily fit into an office space, a conference room or a waiting room, giving the users a nice and comfortable spot to sit down. What’s most important here is that they are sturdy and durable – even with everyday use, the materials are long-lasting and the chairs look nice, contributing to the professional look of the entire office. 

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Stackable office chairs? Why not. 

The idea behind the design of the ARI and MARIQUITA conference chairs is for you to be able to stack them easily, put them on a transport trolley and store them away in a closet or a spare room without disturbing anyone. A conference room is always being transformed according to your needs – sometimes it’s used as a room to host 20+ people, but other times it’s set up for 1 on 1 meetings. With the latter ones, you don’t need a room full of chairs to get comfortable and in fact, too many chairs in a room can make the space feel cluttered. With stackable chairs the problem is easily solved – everyone can grab a chair as needed, but there’s no point in leaving them all set up when the room is not actually used for a bigger conference. 

And what about wheels? Some conference rooms use the typical office chair on wheels to allow for maximum comfort. Unfortunately, if you really want your office conference room to feel professional and stay quiet during the meeting, choose chairs without wheels. People you are meeting with will be less inclined to move around in the chair and create rattle and noise – one of the most annoying, disturbing sounds during a conference meeting or call. 

Style and functionality – get the best conference chairs for your office

Conference chairs can look stylish while staying durable, functional and made to last. With a metal frame that bears a load of about 130 kg and a profiled, easy-to-clean seat made of polypropylene, the chairs are simple, easy to maintain, but also comfortable to sit in even for a couple of hours. The material used to make the seat is versatile enough to allow for many colour options – choose the chairs that fit your company’s aesthetics and branding and tie the conference room visually with every other space of your office. Who said conference rooms have to be boring and plain?