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Polish software developers

Poland is among the best countries when it comes to software developers. There is something about the education system and the skills of young people there that makes them the perfect material for IT business. Writing software in English, working in a competitive environment, selling their high quality products to international clients – they do it all without a flinch. Living in central Europe makes them great business partners not only on the continent, but overseas as well – the time difference is actually not that big as it would seem. Polish developers are recognized for their work all around the world. Who should you know about and why?


IT and business are two close-connected worlds that are constantly changing. Everything is all about competitiveness now. Asseco brings business solutions to the most demanding clients ever, making their jobs as easy and comfortable as ever. They put their competences and experience to make technology that has a realistic impact on the present as well as the future. They’re IT experts in every business sector there is – from banks to insurances to telecommunication, their software aids all. And what’s the best part of it? The once-small polish company is now working for clients all over the world.


One of the biggest IT companies in Poland, Comarch is the leader of business software development. Their work can be seen all over the market, from public administration and banking, to telecommunication and IoT. Their solutions have helped many institutions and businesses over the years and the faith that is put in them is not misplaced. Comarch puts their software all over the world, providing solutions to companies from Asia to America.

Simple Software

Polish developers are good at what they do. Simple Software is the best example of a small company going big. Providing solutions for companies all over the world, they develop software that helps you manage you company as effectively as possible. From client management to HR, if you need help, Simple Software has your back. Dedicated software made to fit all your needs straight from Poland – home for all the best software developers.


Small company from Wroclaw, Poland specialized in delivering outsourcing IT services at the highest level. They are also among the official AWS partners (amazon cloud solutions). They are known for developing new software, especially within medical field (ISO 13485). Possibly the most impressive factor about Pro4People is their approach toward innovation – they even have such service (Innovation-as-a-service). There is more information available on https://pro4people.com

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Some used to believe that Poland grew big in the software development field strictly because their prices were low. That was such a misleading and misplaced opinion! Polish software solutions for small and big businesses is not only good price – it comes with high quality as well. If you need any IT help regarding the management of your company, Poland is a way to go.