SEO abroad – why is optimization so important?

Did you launch a prospering business in your homeland? Perfect! However, even having the most profitable local company may not be enough if you want to reach a big group of customers. One of the ideas to widen your target audience is to enter a foreign market and optimize your website for foreign users. It’s not the question if it’s worthy – a bigger problem is how to implement a SEO strategy that will bring you profits from abroad. Take a glimpse over our ideas and get prepared for appearing on new markets!

Build a website

First, you need to build a high-quality website in your target language. Remember to provide valuable content adjusted to trends and standards of your target country – it’s the first thing that will attract your potential audience and will sell your company in the foreign market. High quality content related to the culture that you’re trying to reach, without mistakes and slips, will make your website much more valuable and trustworthy. It’s important not only to translate the content, but also to take care of cultural aspects and differences – the idea that is perfect for America, may turn out to be a fail when implemented in Asia. The better you’re prepared and adjusted, the more satisfying results you may get. Using local phrases specific to the region that you’re trying to reach will bring you some additional points.

website optimization

Choose a domain

Before you decide to pick a domain, you need to find out if you want to focus on one, specific country or on a language group. If you choose the first option, it’s enough to buy one domain of this state (FR for France, DE for Germany, etc.). However, if you want to reach all the speakers of the target language, the best solution will be to buy few domains of countries being a part of your target language group. For example, if you want to focus on German speakers, it won’t be enough to pick a domain of Germany – you should also buy the one of Austria and Switzerland. It will truly help you improve your SEO.


After picking domains remember to index your page at Google. You should also take care of putting inner links and partner links with the proper domain and original country. Don’t forget to optimize not only text, but also movies, pictures, links and other elements of your content! There you should include some local phrases attached to your target markets.

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